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Life is Hard for Most of Us
It's Almost Impossible
For Our Loved Ones

One of the most heartbreaking things I've ever heard was a statement made by a 90 year old mother whose son with special needs was 72 years old. She said, "I want my son to die before I do, then I want to die the next day."

This mom knew it would be impossible for her son to live without her. 

This cold hard fact breaks my heart.

That's why I founded Special Needs Housing Forever.  

Our loved ones with special needs deserve A Home to Call Their Own.

We Are Their World,
What Happens When Their World Is Gone?

Where Will They Live When We Have No More To Give?

Here are the sobering facts we face as special people, caring for our special people.


Did you know that less than 6% of all housing is accessible to people with special needs? You might be asking yourself how can my son or daughter live an independent life, if they don't even make doors wide enough to accommodate their needs? 


According to less than 12% of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) rent or own their own home. What we may take for granted every day is what our special loved ones dream of doing. Does your son or daughter want to have friends over to visit in their own home, to cook and eat the foods they enjoy, to go to work or program and come home to relax in A Home To Call Their Own?

And one of the scariest, heartbreaking fact of all, adults with disabilities are 4x more likely to experience homelessness than adults without. I don't want to even imagine my beautiful, sweet daughter living in a shelter or worse.....


How Can We Help?

We Specialize in Finding Housing For People With Special Needs

Special Needs Housing Forever

A Home to Call Their Own

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is designed to

give people with special needs, their families and caretakers, peace of mind knowing that they or their loved ones will have a secure, affordable, safe place to live, perhaps even A Home to Call Their Own.

Contact us to find out how we can help you create Special Needs Housing Forever.

Everyone Needs a Decent Place to Live
    A Home to Call Their Own

  • A Self-Determined Life 

        We want our loved ones to live as independently

          as possible. To create a life they love, in a home

          they enjoy. 

  • Affordable Housing  

         No one should have to choose between buying food &                  medicine or paying rent. Many of our loved ones with ​                  special needs have a very low income. Often without the            ability to gain employment to increase the income                          needed to pay rents in todays market.

  • Increased Mobility

        Enjoy the freedom of an accessible life. Access to                        housing that allows our loved ones to live a full                              life, wider doorways, low countertops, grab bars in                      bathrooms and assistive technology. 


  • Long Term Security 

        A home should be a place you can depend on, affordable            and stable. Feel confident knowing your special person              is safe in the comfort of their own home, in a                                  community they love.

  • Peace of Mind 

        No more staying awake at night worrying about your                    loved one and their future. Create a home and a plan to                help them get settled and protect them as you age.

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How We Can Help

  • FREE Consultation  

        Let's chat about the wants and needs of your loved one            with special needs, what you're missing and explore                  how you can get it.

  • Set Up Search

         We'll set up a private search in our national                                     database, keeping your information secure, while                       finding the property that best meets the needs of your             loved one and you.

  • Pre-Qualify  

        Find the funding source that works best for

          your circumstances with our list of resources and top                lenders.

  • Arrange Showings

        Save time by viewing only the properties that best                      match your loved ones needs, in a safe way. 

  • Pricing Guidance

         Our goal is to get you the home you want at a fair price.             We will run the numbers and guide you to a successful

           transaction that works for you financially.

  • Write Offer to Rent or Purchase

          We walk you thru all the forms and disclosures 

            necessary to rent or purchase the property you need.  

  • Present Offer to Rent or Purchase

        We present your offer and your circumstances in the

          best way to get you the property your loved one needs.  

  • Negotiate To Acceptance

        We advocate and negotiate for your best deal, so your              loved one can move in and start living the life they                      deserve. 


Need Modifications?

  • Ramps, Widen Doorways & More        

       We will connect you with service providers to help you make             the needed changes and E-Mods for accessible living.

  • ADU's Accessory Dwelling Units                 

          We can connect you to the contractors who will assist                you in creating an ADU on your property or help you add              an addition on your existing home for a more                                    independent lifestyle for your loved one with                                    special needs.

  • Funding Sources

        We use our knowledge and expertise to help you find the            best funding for your E-Mods or the ADU for your loved                one.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Service Providers, Care Managers & Support Brokers

  • Let Us Help - You Be The Hero         

        We will help find appropriate rentals for your clients, so               you can focus on the many tasks needed to help your                     clients reach their independent life goals.

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Landlords, Investors, Homeowners  

  • Let Us Help Increase Your ROI         

       Contact us today to discuss how we can help you increase                  your ROI, lower your tenant turnover and collect your rent on              time EVERY month. Call Kelly 845.245.8826

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Infographic taken from CDC

According to Research From the CDC 

1 in 4 Adults Are

Living With A Disability


If Someone You Love & Care For


1. Is ready to move into independent living.

2. Can't afford the rents in your area.

3.  Needs help finding safe, secure housing.

Call Me Now - Before It's Too Late


We Specialize in Finding Housing For People With Special Needs

Special Needs Housing Forever

A Home to Call Their Own

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