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Our Mission 

To Facilitate Adequate

Housing Opportunities

For Everyone.

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We Specialize In Finding Housing

For People With Special Needs


"Everyone Needs A Decent Place To Live"

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13.1% of The US Population 

Is Living With A Disability. 

In 2018, there were 326.2 million people living in the United States, 42.6 million of which were individuals with disabilities. ~ Institute on Disability UNH 2109 Annual Report

80% of individuals with I/DD, intellectual and developmental disabilities, live with a caregiver who is their family member. Alternatively, access to affordable and accessible housing outside a family home, in a setting with adequate supports, remains a challenge for people with I/DD and mobility issues.

2017 FIND Survey

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Many people with I/DD live with aging caregivers (age 60 and older). As this generation of caregivers continues to age, many of their adult children with I/DD may be at risk of institutionalization

or homelessness. ~ The ARC

For people who use mobility devices, finding housing with even basic accessibility features, for example an entrance with no steps or wide doorways, can be challenging, if not entirely impossible or unaffordable. ~ The ARC

Most caregivers (54%) reported that they did not have a plan for the future.  Caregivers share a long list of concerns about what will happen to their loved one with disabilities when they are no longer able to support them. ~ 2017 FIND Survey

Special People Deserve Special Service

VET SENIOR MAN pexels-ignacio-ravelo-518

How many homeless veterans were there in the US in 2020?

According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), there were around 40,000.

United States Department of Housing & Urban Development

In fact, approximately 53% of homeless veterans have disabilities. ~ Disabled Veterans National Foundation


    By Christian McMahon, Communications Specialist, The Arc of California

To gain a better understanding of the realities that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities face securing and maintaining housing in California I am working with people with I/DD to bring their stories to light. Deborah Moreno’s is the first of these stories.

The first thing you notice when you walk in to Deborah Moreno’s apartment is the collection of pictures of her friends and family that cover the living room walls. Happy people smile at you from every direction. The second thing you notice is the large whiteboard in the dining area that her team use to track her complex medical and care needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Deborah’s apartment is an inviting and well-organized space.

Deborah has made immense sacrifices to stay in the two-bedroom apartment in Sacramento she moved into eight years ago. Deborah has watched her rent steadily rise, and though she receives a housing subsidy, as a single person living in a two-bedroom apartment, her stipend only covers most of the cost of a one-bedroom.

The nature of Deborah’s disability is such that she requires around the clock care. She must maintain a second bedroom, not for herself, but so that her nighttime direct support professionals have a place to be.

Each month Deborah struggles to pay the seven hundred dollars in rent that is not covered by her subsidy out of her modest Social Security income. She has cut back on anything that might be considered a luxury item, going so far as eating mostly top ramen and canned goods. Her health has suffered as a result of this diet. Her sleep apnea has returned. But to Deborah the largest sacrifice came when she was forced to give up internet service.

Deborah can talk, but her words are difficult for people new to her to understand. Even with great effort on her part, the words come out slowly and garbled. She is unable to have conversations on the phone. The internet was her easiest form of communication with the outside world. Shutting it off meant further isolating herself from the world. Isolating herself from the people and connections to her community that matter most. It also meant that in an emergency situation she has no ability to reach out for help on her own.

Despite these significant hardships Deborah faces to stay in her home, she loves where she lives. She loves her neighborhood, enjoys going out and running errands at the nearby shopping center, going to movies, and most of all, Deborah loves meeting up with her friends.

In the course of our interview Deborah mostly spoke through her direct support professional. But when asked what the most important thing is that she needs to improve her housing situation is she made fiery eye contacted and forced her words out. “For me to be able to afford it.”

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give people with special needs and their families, peace of mind knowing that they or their loved ones will have a place to live, perhaps even a home to call their own.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

is designed to

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Living With Disabilities

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Is A Win / Win For Landlords and Tenants

Home Is Where

You Hang Your Heart

 Landlords Desire ...   

  • Rent Paid Every Month & Always On Time

        Stop losing money when tenants are unemployed                  during pandemics or when life happens.

  • Property Kept In Good Shape

        Staff and aids caring for your tenant will look

        after your property.

  • Low Tenant Turnover

        Stop losing money when tenants leave. Get                                longterm tenants who love your property.


You Desire ...

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  • A Self-Determined Life 

        Create a Life You Love in a Home You Enjoy. 

  • Affordable Housing  

        No one should have to choose between                      buying food & medicine or paying rent.

  • Increased Mobility

        Enjoy The Freedom Of An Accessible Life


  • Long Term Security 

        A home should be a place you can depend on.

        Feel Safe in the comfort of your home.

  • Peace of Mind 

        No more worrying about your loved one and              their future. Create a home and a plan to                    protect them as you age.


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Will Give You a Win / Win

We Have The Know-How

To Lead You To The Property You Need

How We Can Help

  • FREE Consultation  

        Let's chat about your wants, needs and 

        what you're missing and explore how you                can get it.

  • Set Up Search

        We'll set up a private search in our national            database, keeping your information secure,          while finding the property that best meets              your needs.

  • Pre-Qualify  

        Find the funding source that works best for

        your circumstances with our list of                            resources and top lenders.

  • Arrange Showings

        Save time by viewing only the properties

        that best match your needs, in a safe way. 

  • Pricing Guidance

        Our goal is to get you the home you want at

        a fair price. We will run the numbers and                  guide you to a successful transaction.

  • Write Offer to Rent or Purchase

        We walk you thru all the forms and                              disclosures necessary to rent or purchase            the property you need.

  • Present Offer to Rent or Purchase

        We present your offer and your 

        circumstances in the best way to get you 

        the property you need.  

  • Negotiate To Acceptance

        We advocate and negotiate for your best                deal, so you can move in and start living the          life you deserve. 

Hand You The Key

So You Can Live Your Best Life


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Our Goal Is To

Need Modifications?

  • Ramps, Widen Doorways & More

        We will connect you with service                              providers to help you make the needed                changes, E-Mods, for accessible living.

  • ADU's (Accessory Dwelling Units)

        We can assist in creating an ADU on                                  your property. Add an addition on                                      your existing home, for a more

        independent lifestyle.  

Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Funding Sources

        We use our knowledge and expertise            to help you find the best funding for              your E-Mods or your ADU.   

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About Your Needs

Why We Do

 What We Do

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My Certifications

  • Associate Licensed Real Estate Broker

  • ABR Accredited Buyer Representative

  • GRI Graduated Realtor Institute

  • Mid-Hudson MLS


  • NAR

My Qualifications

  • Real Estate Sales & Marketing over 20 Years

  • Hudson Valley Resident Over 40 Years 

  • Buyer Seminars Instructor 

  • Real Estate Peer Training

  • Staging Experience

  • New Construction

  • Rental Specialist

  • Referral Agent

  • Presidents Club

  • Executive Club

  • Business Owner

  • Homeowner

  • Landlord

  • Investor

  • Parent

  • Gramma

From the time I was a little girl, I've felt strongly that someone needs to look out for the "underdog", the people who struggle with major obstacles in their lives.

As it turns out, my daughter of 35 years, is a woman with special needs. As I age, I realize how important it is to have a life plan for Kate, a place for her to live and enjoy her life, a place she can call home.

However, the type of housing that is best for our children can be a very difficult decision to make. Here in NY there are several options to choose from, group homes and supported apartments are two.

A movement called   "Self-Determination"

allows individuals to make choices in all areas of life, including housing. Living in an apartment or home of their own with supports they need can be an appealing idea. Especially when there can be long waiting lists for state run programs and facilities.

As a real estate broker for over 21 years, I understand the challenges people face to find a suitable rental. It can be even more difficult when there are special needs involved. There is HOPE. There are many benefits a landlord will gain when renting to a person with special needs, it's my privilege to educate them of those benefits. 

With the experience I have gained in my real estate career and my understanding of the special circumstances people face, I have developed a program that helps adults with special needs find appropriate housing.

I offer my expertise and understanding of the community to locate available rentals. Knowledge & Compassion allows me to represent my clients in such a way that landlords are thrilled to accept them as tenants. 

My partners, use their knowledge and expertise to help find funding, as well as gain access to services that make modifications, if needed. We can even assist in creating ADU's, Accessible Dwelling Units, on your existing property.

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