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Selling In A Shifting Market

First Impressions Are Most Important When Selling Your Home. You Only Get One Opportunity To Make A Great First Impression

The real estate market is shifting again. As of June 2, 2023 current interest rates are between 6.5-7.5% depending on the product and lender ( As interest rates continue to rise or even stay in the current range, sellers will have to become more competitive to get the best price for the sale of their property. Below are a few Top Tips For Selling in any market.

3 Top Tips

  1. Clean Your House. Consider a house cleaner for added help. De-clutter rooms so buyers can focus on the actual space. Pack unused clothing and linens to make closets neat and spacious. Pre-Listing: Deep clean; scrub your bathrooms, kitchen and appliances, windows, rugs and flooring. Entrances should be cleaned and finger print free. During Showing Process: Keep house clean and smelling fresh. Towels should be hung, beds made, and clothing put away.

  2. Repairs. Make sure the small things needing repairs are cared for. Buyers will consider the house well cared for when the small items are maintained. Fixing broken locks, hardware, leaking faucets, toilets that are running, broken appliances, and lights that are not working can add extra money in your pocket, while setting your house apart from much of the competition.

  3. Fresh Paint. The National Association of Realtors reported in 2019 that 66% of real estate professionals agreed that if you want to increase the value of your home you should apply new paint. It is suggested that it should be done before you place your house for listing. Tara Nelson Designs and Open House Staging of Seattle, WA says, “Top of my list when preparing a home for the market is painting, we like to call it “money in a can.” You can never go wrong with whites, creams, and greige (grey+beige).

Trim and Remove Excessive Foliage

The above tips are only a few of the items you need to do to insure top dollar in this shifting market. Click Here For the Complete Home Selling Checklist

When you take the time to make a great first impression, it will pay off in the most important way, more money in your pocket when you sell.

Kelly Romano has been an Associate Real Estate Broker for the last 24 years.

Contact me for more information on how to get the highest price for your home in any real estate market. Cell 845.245.8826 or

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