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YourHomeNeeds.ORG was created because of a need for adequate housing opportunities for all.
           "Everyone Needs A Decent Place To Live"

After 17 years as a real estate professional and a mother of a young woman with special needs, it is clear that there are NOT the same opportunities available to all who desire to live independent lives.

As a society, we have come a long way in defining “Home” for individuals with special needs. From a place where an over crowed institution like WillowBrook State School, housing some 6000 people with developmental disabilities, is called “Home”, to the push toward closing institutions and placing individuals in group homes.

The state’s Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, OPWDD, is handling the transition and operates more than 1,000 group homes. My daughter lived in a group home run by ARC. There are various agencies (ARC, Abilities First, GreyStone, Access VR, to name a few) that operate group homes throughout the state.

Many individuals are happy and content living in this environment, calling it “Home”. Staffed with Direct Care Providers and set up as a family environment with activities, lessons in cooking, personal care and day to day living skills, many individuals grow and thrive in this type of setting.

   For other individuals more is desired and attainable!

We are all on our own path in life. New York State recognizes the desire for individuals to live more independent lives and has been accepting people through OPWDD’s program, the “Front Door” for funding to create their own lives through Person Centered Planning or Self-Direction.

While this program encompasses a broad array of services, YourHomeNeeds.ORG focuses on the housing portion and helping individuals find, modify and maintain their “Home” whether they are renting or owning.