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At YourHomeNeeds.ORG we believe 
“EVERYONE Needs A Decent Place To Live.”

Our Mission is to 
Facilitate Adequate Housing Opportunities For Everyone.

As a parent for over 31 years of a young woman with special needs and an Associate Real Estate Broker for 17 years, I understand the challenges our young people face in today's housing and rental market.
Call me today to work with a professional that listens, understands, cares and makes a difference.       Respectfully - Kelly

A big Thank You to County Executive Molinaro for helping
all in our community to
“Think DIFFERENTLY” in regards to possibility
for our children with special abilities.
Possibility, Hope and Love are Key Qualities needed when raising children, even more so when parenting a child with special needs.
Empowering our young adults to live full, independent lives can be challenging when housing resources are limited.

Contact Kelly Today
 Discuss Housing Needs and Options.
Let’s Work Together to
Empower Your Loved One to
Live the Life They Truly Desire and Deserve!